Brush Dental Myths Aside

Brush Dental Myths Aside   Fear of the dentist’s office and dental procedures is generally caused by misinformation, dental myths or horror stories based on urban myths. Dental myths are dangerous as they can affect a person’s perception of dentistry, making them delay or entirely avoid dental visits, which ultimately prevents patients from getting the dental care they need. This can lead to the development of severe oral health issues and long-term dental problems that are true horror stories for any patient. “Tooth” Be Told The truth of the matter is many dental procedures are typically painless, and the more often you visit a dentist for checkups, the less likely you’ll experience a real dental horror story. Here are some common dental myths that you should disregard. ·         I’m too old for braces – No one is ever too old for braces. Teeth naturally shift over time , and can become misaligned long after your youth and well into your golden years. While metal braces are understandably unappealing, new orthodontic technology exists that can virtually eliminate the aesthetic issues. Invisalign braces are a great, comfortable alternative and can be easily removed and cleaned compared to their metal counterparts. There are also ceramic braces, which are white, and lingual braces, which go behind the teeth instead of on the front of teeth. ·         My teeth don’t hurt, so they must be healthy – Not always. Tooth decay can damage and kill nerves in a tooth, making pain (a common indicator that something is wrong) non-existent. Cavities lurk underneath the surface of a tooth and can’t be easily identified. Only regular checkups with your dentist can determine whether or not you have cavities or if another problem exists, and should never be skipped regardless of how well you feel. ·         My child doesn’t need to go to the dentist until they’re two – Wrong. Children should be taken to the dentist as early as a year old to ensure his or her gums are healthy and that emerging teeth are developing correctly. The earlier a dentist can detect potential problems, the sooner they can be fixed and prevent more complicated issues from emerging later when it can be more difficult to fix. Give your child the gift of a great smile by taking them to the dentist’s office with you as soon as they reach a year old. ·          The more I brush my teeth, the healthier they will be  – Not quite. Overbrushing your teeth can wear down the enamel too much, leading to dental problems. If you find that a twice-a-day brushing regimen is making your teeth sensitive, opt for brushing once a day then use a simple rinse with water or mouthwash, floss, chew sugar-free gum or perform a combination of these. Of course this isn’t a determination you should make on your own. Make sure to consult with your dentist before cutting down the frequency of your brushing. ·          Pregnant women should avoid dental treatments  – This is definitely not true. Routine dental checkups are always recommended, regardless of pregnancy. Dental procedures that involve anesthetics and X-rays are ok but should only be done when absolutely necessary. A qualified dentist is trained in treating pregnant women and will make accurate recommendations regarding dental care.   Keep in mind, there are documented links between overall health and oral health, and the last thing any expectant mother wants to do is jeopardize the health of their baby, especially over something as trivial as avoiding a dental checkup.   ·          Removing wisdom teeth prevents crowding  – Not necessarily. Teeth naturally move, grow and shift on their own regardless of the presence of wisdom teeth. Removing these teeth doesn’t solve crowding problems either. Only a visit to the dentist can determine the cause behind crowding teeth, after which a proper solution can be formulated. Discover the Truth Behind Dental Issues with Silver Screen Dental Don’t let lies and myths dictate your dental choices. Silver Screen Dental can provide you the care you need with dental checkups and procedures backed by scientific facts and administered by licensed professionals. At Silver Screen we provide a full range of cosmetic dental services, dental implants, tooth extractions, dentures, X-rays and much more, all performed by gentle hands. Take charge of your dental care so you don’t have to endure the horror stories of people who neglect their oral health due to fear.  Contact Silver Screen Dental today  to get the care you need; we’ll keep you smiling before, during and long after your visit.

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