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The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

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Having white teeth not only implies good hygiene, but it also boosts one’s confidence. If your teeth are beginning to look discolored, perhaps it is time to think about having teeth whitening.

Dental bleaching, or teeth whitening, is one of the main reasons people go to the dentist every year. While anyone can go to the store and purchase a teeth whitening kit, those who have tried to whiten their own teeth will tell you that the end results can leave a lot to be desired. It can take months for the store bought whitening kit to brighten your teeth by one shade, whereas professional dental bleaching can achieve superior results in hours.

Color Stabilization and White Spots

Bleaching dehydrates your teeth. When you remove your trays, you may notice that some areas appear whiter, and some appear…well… more yellow. This color discrepancy will slowly stabilize. It may take hours to days. After your final bleaching session, your teeth will slightly rebound, then stabilize after 1-2 weeks. If you have white spots before bleaching that become more pronounced after, even, the rebound period, please let us know. There are other in-office treatments that we can use to correct this discrepancy. And always, feel free to call us or stop by if you have any questions!

What if I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Use a sensitivity toothpaste for 2 weeks prior to bleaching (Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, Sensodoyne, or Prevident, which you can purchase in-office from us!) Use the toothpaste every time you brush!  If you experience sensitivity when whitening, skip a day, and when you start again, leave your trays in for half the time. Ease back in to the directed time if you can… If not, you will just have more whitening sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening

Should I Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks While Bleaching?

It is best to avoid eating or drinking anything that can stain your teeth during bleaching, and for about 3 days after your are done.  When you are actively whitening your teeth, they become dehydrated and more permeable to these staining substances.  Unfortunately, this list of things you should avoid happen to be some of the things we most enjoy!  But think of how white your teeth will be!!

  • Dark beverages.  Coffee, tea, soda, etc.
  • Red wine
  • Juice, smoothies, slushies, popsicles
  • Sauces or marinades that contain balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, beets
  • Dark chocolate
  • Dark soups, stews
  • Smoking, and tobacco of any kind!  (Always!)
  • Very hot or very cold foods and drinks.  They will cause sensitivity!

If you just HAVE to have that cup of coffee, use a straw, and make sure it is not hot!  Rinse your mouth out with water after drinking or eating anything that you think just might cause staining.  And if you slip up, do not worry… You just may have to buy some extra bleach!

Teeth Bleaching Types

Get the smile you’ve always wanted with teeth whitening from Silver Screen Dental. We offer two types of in-office bleaching, including ZOOM and a take-home program as well. We have a “Whitening Forever” program so you can get touch-up bleach for free at all of your cleaning appointments and maintain that beautiful bright smile.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

The procedure is simple but the effects are quite dramatic and it can make yellowing or discolored teeth look fresh and gleaming. Teeth whitening is effective and the process does no damage to your teeth. You may enjoy the sparkling effects of professional teeth whitening for two or three years.

Discolored teeth can affect your confidence, but a beautiful white smile can make you look youthful and vibrant. If your teeth are discolored, yellowing or stained, it may be time to make an appointment with Silver Screen Dental.

To get a whiter smile, call 512.345.8800 or contact us now!