Does Flossing Really Keep You Healthy?

Does Flossing Really Keep You Healthy? Before each dentist appointment, you may find yourself brushing your teeth even longer, scrubbing your tongue and, even, flossing in a panic to try and hide your poor dental habits from your dentist. When you’re in the dentist’s chair, your dentist may ask you the dreaded question: “How often do you floss?” More often than not, the answer earns you a judgmental look from your dentist. Why, though, is he or she so adamant about your flossing habits? In short, flossing is an easy way to avoid big problems in the future. It’s time to get flossing to cash in on some of the biggest benefits it can offer! Reducing the Risk of Disease Believe it or not, no matter how often you brush, your mouth is a breeding ground for the bacteria that form plaque. Brushing alone is inadequate if your goal is to clear out all the bacteria that collects between and at the base of your teeth. This dangerous bacteria breaks down your tooth enamel and makes them more susceptible to cavities, rot and tooth loss. By using dental floss, you can more easily reach those nooks and crannies where bacteria hide before it damages your gums and starts you on the path toward periodontal disease. Fighting Bad Breath Those pesky bacteria growing in your mouth can also cause another, more obvious side effect if not removed with floss. As the bacteria feed on the leftover food particles in your mouth, they release an odor that can stick with you. Even if you brush your teeth frequently, you’ll still miss all the bacteria hiding in those hard-to-reach spots, allowing your bad breath to worsen. Flossing nips bad breath in the bud, keeping your mouth minty fresh for longer. Less Gum Sensitivity If you’re an out-of-practice flosser, you may be less inclined to floss because of the pain it causes. Whether it’s a general soreness or gum bleeding, the discomfort caused by flossing can turn many people off from the entire practice. However, sensitive gums are a sign that they’re not as healthy as they could be. The more you floss, the less uncomfortable it will become! Achieve a Deep Clean with Silver Screen Dental Flossing may be a tough habit to develop, but it will significantly improve your oral health in the long run. If you aren’t sure where to start when reworking your oral routine, Silver Screen Dental is happy to help. To learn more about developing an oral hygiene routine that works for you, contact us online or call 512-345-8800.

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