A Gaming Toothbrush That Makes Brushing Fun for Kids

A Gaming Toothbrush That Makes Brushing Fun for Kids   A Gaming Toothbrush That Makes Brushing Fun for Kids If you have trouble getting your kids to brush their teeth and understand the importance of maintaining optimal oral health, rest assured you’re not alone. Moms and dads all over the country have been fighting this near-daily “battle in the bathroom” for years now, and have spent countless hours voicing their concerns and frustrations to their dentists in hopes of finding a solution.   Fortunately, this ongoing conversation between dentists and parents eventually led to the development of “smart” toothbrushes that are designed to make brushing more fun and less of a chore for kids all over the world.   Grush has taken the smart toothbrush game to the next level by not only incorporating “smart” technologies that track and provide feedback regarding your son or daughter’s brushing, but fun and interactive games as well. Here’s a closer look at Grush: The Gaming Toothbrush and how it can help end the battle in the bathroom once and for all.   About Grush Grush is a state-of-the-art toothbrush that uses Bluetooth motion-sensing technology to detect your child’s exact brushing force and movements in real-time to ensure he or she brushes properly. The addition of fun and interactive games helps keep kids motivated to brush and makes sure they have fun while doing it!   After brushing, your son or daughter will be provided with a “Grush Factor” score that evaluates his or her brushing performance, both in terms of technique and consistency. This score is then uploaded to the “Grush Cloud” and available for you, the parent, to track your kids’ brushing habits and provide them with tips for improvement or rewards for a job well done.   About the Grush Games There are three interactive mobile games – Monster Chase, Toothy Orchestra and Brush-a-Pet – available for download on Androidand iOS devices. Each of these games help guide your child through the proper brushing process and ensure they enjoy themselves and look forward to their next brushing adventure.   To learn more or to purchase this gaming toothbrush for your child, visit the Grush website .   Helping Kids in Austin Develop Optimal Oral Hygiene Habits for Life At Silver Screen Dental, we understand that the key to maintaining optimal oral health for life is establishing a consistent routine at a young age. That’s why our friendly, experienced dental team is dedicated to helping kids of all ages in the greater Austin, Texas area establish optimal oral health habits to last a lifetime. To learn about our comprehensive array of top-quality dental services or to schedule an appointment for your child, contact us online today!

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