4 Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth Regularly

4 Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth Regularly

The American Dental Association, along with your dentist in Austin, recommends brushing your teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day, every day. However, many people don’t brush their teeth as often as they should. This can increase the risk of developing some serious oral problems.  1. Cavities The most common oral health problem […]

6 Ways to a Whiter Smile

woman smiling in sunshine

Whether it’s due to your daily morning cup of coffee, your nightly glass of red wine, or time itself, there are plenty of things that can make our smiles appear dull, discolored, or simply just not as white as we’d like them to be. However, at our dental office in Austin, we want everyone to […]

Does Flossing Really Keep You Healthy?

Before each dentist appointment, you may find yourself brushing your teeth even longer, scrubbing your tongue and, even, flossing in a panic to try and hide your poor dental habits from your dentist. When you’re in the dentist’s chair, your dentist may ask you the dreaded question: “How often do you floss?” More often than […]

A Gaming Toothbrush That Makes Brushing Fun for Kids

  A Gaming Toothbrush That Makes Brushing Fun for Kids If you have trouble getting your kids to brush their teeth and understand the importance of maintaining optimal oral health, rest assured you’re not alone. Moms and dads all over the country have been fighting this near-daily “battle in the bathroom” for years now, and […]

A Brief Look at the History of Dental Implants

  While most people think of dental implants as a modern-day procedure, the truth is people have been experimenting with implants of various styles and materials for thousands of years. This drive to replace missing or failing teeth with artificial implants is said to have evolved from the desire to help people achieve a beautiful, […]

Brush Dental Myths Aside

  Fear of the dentist’s office and dental procedures is generally caused by misinformation, dental myths or horror stories based on urban myths. Dental myths are dangerous as they can affect a person’s perception of dentistry, making them delay or entirely avoid dental visits, which ultimately prevents patients from getting the dental care they need. […]

Happy Halloween from Silver Screen Dental

Our Annual Buyback Program is Almost Here! Bring in your extra candy and get $1 per pound in CASH! Halloween is upon us, so dress up as your favorite ghoul, goblin, or super hero and have fun! Reduce your candy consumption at the same time with Silver Screen Dental’s candy buy back program. Your kids […]

The Most Incredible Article About Diet Coke You Will Ever Read

“Sip all day, get decay” It’s no secret there exists a strong link between soda consumption and tooth decay. The “Sip All Day, Get Decay” slogan isn’t just meant to be a catchy tagline – it’s literally the truth! Sugar in soda combines with bacteria in your mouth to form acid, which attacks the teeth. Diet or “sugar-free” […]

When is Toothache Not Toothache?

A toothache is a problem that most of us will experience at some point. A toothache is sometimes referred to as dentalgia, odontalgia or odotongenic pain. It is important to note there are both dental and non-dental causes of toothache. Following is an explanation of the possible causes of toothache. Dental Toothache Causes More often […]

Understanding Tooth Decay

Tooth decay  happens whenever your tooth enamel (the hard outer part of your teeth) is damaged. This is something that anyone can be inflicted with because plaque (a sticky film of bacteria) is constantly forming on your teeth. Whenever you eat or drink sugary food, the plaque will produce acid that will then attack your  tooth enamel . […]